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Viva Three Caballeros

Viva Three Caballeros

They so cute

Welcome to the brand new Three Caballeros fan page. My name is Musachan, the Almighty. I shall be your host through the wonders of the greatest advancement in theater since the invent of sound!

Feel free to browse around. My images are available for the taking, unless specified. The main image (up above) is officially specified. If you wish to use it, mail me and I will ok it. I worked very hard on that particular image. All fanart are property of their rightful owners, and should be asked before usage. This goes for my fanart, especially. The Three Caballeros, and their names and likenesses are copyrighted the Walt Disney Company, 1942, 1945, and 1948. All stories, art and images are copyrighted by them unless noted.

  • Movie Summary By Musachan
  • House of Mouse appearence Summary and rant by Musachan
  • Lyrics Lyrics to the movie, and other songs that feature two of the Three Caballeros.
  • Images from the Movie Also includes images from shorts, and original sketches.
  • Panchito Pistolas Facts, personality traits and filmography, including even his most recent appearences.
  • Jose Carioca Facts, personality traits and filmogrpahy, including even his most recent appearences.
  • Donald Duck Noteable move appearences, personality traits and some of his friends.
  • Fan art Pictures inspired by the movie, and its characters.
  • Fanfiction Number of stories: 3
  • Invented Characters Some of my characters I invented! Images will be drawn soon, as soon as I get up off my lazy butt and go draw them!
  • Updates Check back daily, because I usually update daily!
  • Links
  • Link to me Banners to link to my website.
  • Friendship analysis Just how close are the Three Caballeros?
  • The Three Caballeros personality test Just which caballero ARE you?
  • Names: What do they mean? A whole lot!
  • Memorable Quotes Some quotes I just love, not just from The Three Caballeros.
  • Ever Notice...? Things I've noticed while watching the Three Caballeros.
  • The Three Caballeros Message Board Look for me under the name Almightymusachan. Feel free to chat about anything.


    Well, what do you know!

    Favorite Song of the Moment(5/19/01): 'At the Beginning' by Richard Marx and Donna Lewis. Available: Here.
    Comments: Very great song. Very cute and fits Jessie and James of Team Rocket a whole lot ^^(can you tell I'm a Rocketshipper??)

    Disney holds the rights solely to this movie and its characters. I take no responsibility in what happens to you when you don't write a disclaimer when working on a fanbased web page of any kind. Please keep this in mind when you sign up with


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